Harris Teeter Working Schedule for Employees

by admin | Last Updated: September 24, 2021

The Harris Teeter Company is a subsidiary company of the Kroger Company. It offers maximum of its offerings within the United States of America and Efird. Suppose you would love to paintings in one among their a couple of branches, then understanding how their operating agenda works might assist you out.

This article offers an in-intensity evaluation of the working time table within the Harris Teeter supermarkets. You can visit the Myhtspace Employee portal at myhtspace legitimate internet site.

Working Hours in the Harris Teeter Supermarkets

If you are seeking to work in any of the stated grocery store branches, you then had better be equipped to paintings tough. The employer units the schedule for shifts. You, consequently, don’t have any manage over whilst you get known as into paintings. You might be referred to as in for a unmarried shift according to day or several shifts in sooner or later; they’re never consistent.

Break Time Hours for Employees

The Corporation offers wonderful breaking hours. Each employee receives fifteen minutes to interrupt for each 8 hours shift they work. You get to do some thing you want during this break period. That method going to the health club, hitting the damage room, or maybe go to Wendy’s. The break time is counted as your day off.

The cashiers, but, have much less wreck time. They only get fifteen minutes for six hours of labor. For the cashiers working 6 to nine hours, they get fifteen to thirty minutes to break time.

Note: You additionally get an additional smash to have your lunch. This period best lasts thirty minutes.


For those looking to work element-time, the enterprise additionally gives part-time jobs. The hours variety among 14 to 30 hours. Here the worker pleads their case and gives reasons as to why they want to paintings component-time. They then pick out the running hours that are exceptional acceptable for them.

While working part-time, you can select to work throughout weekends. Hence if you are, as an instance, a scholar, you could be capable of observe better in the course of the weekdays and then make use of the weekend to cover the misplaced hours.


If you’re trying to practice for a complete-time job, right here are some pointers that will help you out. The full-time hours variety among 36 to forty hours in a unmarried week. Cashiers, but, can paintings for 3 days in a single week, operating four hours consistent with day.

The organization is open for 24 hours, this means that you can ask for night shifts to cowl your running hours. But in case you live some distance away or locate it troubling to drive at night, worry not. The business enterprise is pretty bendy with regards to operating hours, which means you can ask them to shift your night time operating hours to the day.

Those who decide to paintings for 35 to forty hours may be happy to recognise they get medical insurance.

Other Job Working Hours

Shift Selectors

The shift selectors are typically known as to work at any time of the week. Therefore, they do no longer have a set agenda.

Day Stockers

Day Stockers work 5 days per week, or on occasion even seven days. It all relies upon on the store body of workers. They work for roughly 8 hours in a single shift or ten hours while they may be short of group of workers individuals.

Accounting Clerks

Accounting clerks are expected to reach at their respective offices at 7 am. They then work until three pm, they, consequently, work for an average of eight hours in someday.

Personal Hours

The Company, even though having a decent schedule, offers you enough personal time to handle your affairs. Of course, the ones operating element-time have a whole lot of time to themselves. If you feel such as you are not having enough loose time, you can ask the control for extra. The company is quite flexible in relation to coping with operating hours.
How the Payment Process Works

The fee period is between Tuesday and Wednesday. They pay you as in step with the hours you have labored, now not the hours you’re going to work on Tuesday. They calculate the hours you labored, from Monday to Wednesday, and pay you as a result. The management uses the military-fashion of calculating time.

History of the Harris Teeter Company

Harris Teeter is a grocery store this is chain primarily based and has multiple branches in America. The grocery store has 260 shops positioned in seven southern Atlantic states, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland. It also has a department in the Columbian districts.

William L. Teeter became the founder of the Teeter Harris Teeter Incorporation. He commenced through opening a drug keep located in North Carolina, then extended and opened a Food Mart. Later on, he merged his two ventures. The business enterprise then grew to end up one of the most famous chain-based totally supermarket incorporations inside the United States. It is ranked because the thirty-seventh largest supermarket located within the United States.


If you’re seeking to work at a Harris and teeter grocery store, I desire this text has helped you out. The Company has a website that still defines the working hours in depth. You also can put up inquiries, and the control could be satisfied to handle troubles and questions.