KRK played a clever trick to fight Salman Khan and Govinda !! Bollywood’s No. 1 hero opened the survey

Govinda talks about KRK and Salman Khan’s fight: KRK Radhe describes himself as the biggest film critic in the industry: You started in Okhali by reviewing your Most Wanted brother. Now they are being washed. A legal notice has been sent to KRK on behalf of Salman Khan and the matter is in court. Meanwhile, KRK said in a tweet that Govinda is with him on the whole matter. The No. 1 Bollywood hero has been consistently supporting him.

After KRK’s tweet, everyone was shocked because Govinda and Salman Khan are very good friends. Let us tell all such fans that Govinda has never supported KR. By tweeting KR, he has tried to ruin the relationship between Salman Khan and Gobina. Govinda himself said this and said that he had not spoken to KRK for several years. The Govinda that KRK is talking about is someone else.

Speaking to IANS, Govinda said, “I have also read in some media reports that I support KRK. I do not communicate with KRK year after year. We have no meetings, no phone calls, or we are not talking through messages. The Govinda he is talking about is someone else. Even KRK had said a lot against me before.

“I am not even aware of the fight between KRK and Salman. My name is being dragged out in this regard.” It is clear from Govind’s statement that KRK is thinking of fighting in the middle of the industry and making rotis, but Govind will not let that happen.

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