JL50 Review: The half-baked story has left the best performances of Abhay Deol, Rajesh Sharma and Pankaj Kapoor.

Indian cinema has traveled for over 100 years. In these 100 years, Indian cinema has made many great films in the genres of romance, Hindi, comedy and action, but in the name of science fiction we have no film that can compete with Hollywood. Sony Live app But has the published web series ‘JL50’ been able to break this chain and present a unique story to the viewers? I’m telling you …

Web series story:

‘JL50’ is the story of CBI Inspector Shantanu (Abhay Deol), who has been tasked with investigating the missing aircraft (AO26) in 2019. Shantanu received the news that the plane had crashed, so he went to the scene to confirm the matter. However, during the investigation there, he found out that the plane at the scene was also 26 JL50, which went missing in 1984.

Shantanu now needs to find out how the plane that disappeared in 1984 suddenly returned after so many years. Is the return of this plane a conspiracy of any terrorist organization? And if that same plane disappeared, where was it for so many years?

Features of the web series

The story of the Zeeol 50 of the Sony Live app is about time travel. The plane, which disappeared many years ago, was part of a science experiment. Through this, the manufacturers have tried to show that Indian science was skilled in such matters, which even today’s science could not discover. However, there is no research on this. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but the sooner we realize it, the better.

If we talk about the actors in the film, Abhay Deol And Rajesh Sharma’s jugalbandi is quite good. Pankaj Kapoor and Piyush Mishra have also done well in their respective roles.

Web Series Negative:

The most negative thing about the web series ‘JL50’ is that its story is unbelievable. ‘JL50’ has been created keeping in mind the type of environment in our country, but even people who are advised to read Vedas and Puranas will not believe its story. ‘JL50’ looks like a science show made in a hurry.

The final verdict

You can watch ‘JL50’ starring Abhay Deol, Piyush Mishra, Rajesh Sharma and Pankaj Kapoor for free. You will be disappointed if you watch this show separately. 2.5 stars for ‘JL50’ from Bollywood Life.

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