Jhum Hi Kisiki Pair Main Spoiler Warning: Sire will be shocked by the injury, the bird will leave Chauhan House

Jhum Hai Kisiki Pyaar Moin Spolar Alert 12 June Episode No. 242: The upcoming episode of the TV serial ‘Jhum Hai Kisiki Pyaar Main’ is going to have a lot of melodic dramas. There is no end to the catfights of Sai and the birds and there is a huge crush in it. Soon the happy moments of Virat and Sai are going to come back again but the bird’s eye will be on here too. Sai’s birthday will be celebrated in the upcoming episode of ‘Gum Hai Kisiki Pyaar Moin Upanya Parva’ and there will be a lot of noise due to the bird (ish Shriya Sharma) at this time. Virat (Neel Bhatt) and his family will want to surprise Psy together and make a lot of preparations for his birthday too.

Sai will dress like a princess on her birthday and she will want to join in the joy The bird will keep itself locked in a room but she will really swallow that everyone will focus on Sai today. The bird will try to dissolve the color according to its own contract. Sai will go to his house to call the birds.

The birds will refuse to come, but Sai will insist again and again. Sai will try to pull the bird and take him to the birthday party. The bird wants to free itself when Sayer’s legs slip and his head hits the corner of the table. Sai will be upset to see blood and everyone will come there to Virat.

Sai would be furious to see the head hit and he would start lying to the bird. Not just huge but the whole family will speak out against the birds. Seeing the reaction of the people, the bird will break and he will leave Chauhan’s house and go to his parents’ house. For now, keep reading BollywoodLife for more serial gossips like this.

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