After a journey of 900 km, the hard workers reached Rashmika Mandanna, ‘National Crush’ replied.

Rashmika Mandannar Hard Fan has traveled 900 km: Southern beauty Rashmika Mandanna has achieved huge success among the viewers in the last few years with pictures like ‘Dear Comrade’ and ‘Bhishma’. Rashmika is becoming very popular not only in the South but also in the North. Fans of Rashmi are desperate to get a glimpse of her. Something similar happened recently with Rashmika Mandanna. Her staunch fans traveled 900 km to see Rashmika Mandanna at her home in Karnataka. However, the actress was not at home as she was busy shooting for her Hindi project in Mumbai.

As soon as Rashmika Mandanna came to know about this, the actress immediately tweeted and requested her fans not to do anything like that and just send their love through social media. The actress further said that she hopes that she will definitely meet her fans at some point. The actress wrote, ‘Friends, I have just noticed that one of you has come a long way and gone home to see me .. Please don’t do such a thing .. I feel bad that I am not with you … I agree … Hope I will meet you one day but for now give me love here .. I will be happy! ‘

According to media reports, a fan of Rashmika Mandanna named Tripathi had left Kodagu Telangana in Karnataka to meet her. He got the actress’s address from Google and even asked the locals about Rashmi’s house. People living there immediately informed the police and he was sent back to the country. Rashmika is currently shooting for her second Bollywood project ‘Farewell’ in Mumbai. The film stars megastar Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role and is directed by Bikash Bahal.

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