Torbaj Review: You will not like it even after watching this movie with good intentions

For a long time Sanjay Dutt Did not give any hit film. His last hit films were ‘Agnipath’ and ‘Sone of Sardar’ which came out in 2012. Now Sanjay movie ‘Archer’ It has been released and it looks like they will have to wait for the hit film. The film hung in the balance for two years. Read movie reviews here …

What is the story of the film?

Military doctor Nasir Khan (Sanjay Dutt) returned to Afghanistan five years after the death of his wife and child. Nasir’s wife and children were killed in the suicide bombing. He continued to try to get out of this predicament. During this time, he came to understand the real cause of death of his wife and child and then worked to give a new direction to the lives of refugee children (who later became suicide bombers) by feeding them cricket.

What’s new in the film?

The opening details of the film connect you with the human sensibilities and the shots taken in the film bring you closer to the beauty and spirit of Afghanistan. Hiru Keshwani’s camera work is great throughout the whole picture. Sanjay Dutt looks great in his character. On the other hand, Rahul Dev has cut his character well. However, the hard work of the two could not save this sunken film.

What’s new in the film?

The screenplay of the film is so complex that sometimes you get confused in the scene. At one point, it looks as if director Girish Malik has called the cast on different days and shot the desired scene. At the end of the break the story of the film becomes so chaotic that you find yourself standing on the battlefield. Dilip Dev forgot to edit and Nargis Fakhri is still learning acting.

Bollywood Life Roy

Even Sanjay Dutt’s film ‘Torbaaz’ cannot do well for the great cause of the whole world. Now if a baby gets pregnant at birth, what do you call it? This is exactly the same picture. 5 to 1 star for the film from us.

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