Kashemera turns to Shah Nisha Rawal, Karan Mehra changes his stance on debate

Kashmira Shah has changed her mind in the Nisha-Karan case: The fight between the well-known TV couple Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra has shaken the entire industry. Everyone is shocked to read the news related to this issue. Nisha Rawal expressed her grief in front of the media the day before and showed the wounds on her body, then everyone is standing with her. Actress Kashmira Shah also backed Nisha Rawal when she spoke to the media for the first time on the issue.

Kashmira Shah said that whenever Nisha and Karan met, she realized that their relationship was not normal. Nisha never said anything, her silence said a lot. Kashmiris have made it clear that they are with Nisha on this issue because no one has the right to raise a hand under any circumstances.

But now Kashmir Shah has changed his mind. Kashmira Shah has refused to take sides in her latest statement. Kashmira Shah says she is in favor of her two children because she is most worried about him.

Kashmira Shah wrote on social media, ‘These two are my friends. I like it all. If one is injured, the other will also be injured. I am writing this today because I cannot stand for one. I liked one yesterday but now I am with two. I get calls from the media regularly, I want to tell them that as a friend I can’t put everything about them in front of the public. Very few journalists understand my silence.

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