How is Nisha Rawal’s condition after the surgery? Need Plastic Surgery?

Nisha Rawal’s surgery went well: The first week of June did not prove to be very good for the TV industry. Earlier this month, there were reports of a fight between Nisha Rawal and Karan Patel, a well-known couple in the TV industry, which shook everyone. If reports are to be believed, Karan Patel had an altercation with his wife, which resulted in a serious head injury. During the altercation, Nisha Rawal suffered a head injury and underwent surgery. Nisha Rawal shared her pain with the media, then everyone came to her side.

Pictures of Nisha Rawal’s injury have shocked everyone and fans are anxious to know how her health is now. Talking to media, Rohit, a friend of Nisha Rawal, said that Nisha’s surgery has gone well and she is resting at home.

According to Rohit, ‘Nisha’s health is fine now. He has been discharged from the hospital. He is now resting in his home. Her surgery is going well and she will not need plastic surgery. Rohit said that Nisha had stitches on her head but the situation was improving with proper treatment by the doctors.

Everyone is relieved to see Nisha Rawal’s injury, but Karan Mehra has a different view on the whole issue. Karan has accused Nisha of fabricating false stories. Talking to media, Karan said that Nisha herself hit him on the head and was trying to insult him. The case of Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra is now in the court, which may be heard soon.

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