Durgamati Funny Review: The scary thing about the movie is that the movie is two and a half hours long.

December 11 is International Mountain Day Land Pednecker And Arshad Warsi By a film ‘Durgamati: The Myth’ (Durgamati) Released. The film is a remake of the southern film ‘Bhagmati’. We have seen this too. You must have seen the reaction of the critics of the film, Twitter. BollywoodLife brings you an amazing review of the movie, find out in pointers how we liked the movie …

1. The scariest thing about this movie is that this movie is full 2:30 hours full. Full 2:30 p.m.

2. The side characters in the film acted very well as he took all the insults in the face of the lead cast on himself with his acting.

3. In one scene in the film, Bhumi Pednekar fainted at the sight of blood and you can see his performance.

4. Mahi Gill had to play a bad character in the film. He also made the acting worse to enter this character. Seeing Mahi Gill’s Bengali pronunciation, you will also like Nusrat Bhurucha’s Haryanvi pronunciation in ‘Chalang’.

5. The best thing about this film is that it was not released in theaters.

The. The film begins with the theft of idols from temples and ends with the theft of viewers’ minds.

Ars. Arshad Warsi has become a leader in the film and that is why he has forgotten to be an actor.

. This film teaches you many new things. As time is precious, don’t waste it on movies.

9. The climax of the movie has only one maximum and that is that the movie will be shown on Setmax TV channel.

10. The direction of this picture is exactly like my life. Don’t know where it’s going.

… So ladies and gentlemen, as much as there is horror work in this film like D on Wednesday to see the good performance from the movie work, look at the store that tells every customer that this necklace is just for you. And yes, if you want to see horror, get up at 5 in the morning and check out the bucket of cool water. You need Jigra like a mountain to see this picture released on ‘International Mountain Day’. The rest of you are smart yourself.

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